Insert PlantUML diagrams in

It might be counterintuitive to use text to create something that’s visual, like diagrams, but that’s exactly what PlantUML is for. Take a look at how you can insert a PlantUML diagram into your Confluence page using

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Go and See What Happened

Among the principles of Lean is “Go and See.” When there’s a trouble with a product and services inside the four walls of your business, you can just stroll over to see what’s going on. This is what Toyota does when an assembly line quits.

Organize Your Office Desk For Greater Productivity

Workplace company will make or break your life and organization! Basic tricks will certainly thrust your team and also firm to a higher level. Discover 7 powerful and also basic keys to change your workplace atmosphere. Work a lot more effectively and also get better productivity! You can achieve much more in much less time!

The Responsibilities of Operations Managers

The duty of procedures administration additionally explores the possible consequences of the activities of the various other functions as well as their influence on the operation. This comes to be an indirect obligation of the operations supervisor, namely, to notify various other features of possibilities and also constraints supplied by the operation’s capabilities.

Emotional Intelligence Skills Enable Leaders to Gain Competitive Advantage During Turbulent Times

Psychological Intelligence skills make it possible for people to handle the negative emotions prompted by today’s disorderly environment. With these abilities people can transform negative, draining pipes feelings right into positive, productive emotions and also sensations and act even more plainly in-the-moment.

5 Foods to Help You Power Through Your Workday

Are you one of the many that experience a mid-day depression and also grab a sweet bar or chips? Instead, attempt reaching for one of these 5 foods that will not just fill your desire, yet improve your brain!

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