Innovating The Writing Process: How Change Is Coming To The Publishing World

We recently hosted a conversation between Bec Evans, Co-founder of Prolifiko and author of “How to Have a Happy Hustle”, and Elliot Susel, Lean Startup Co. Faculty Member, focused on the similarities between the world of writing and publishing and the world of startups.

In Bec and Elliot’s conversation, they discuss:
– The traditional, old-school practices of the publishing industry and why change is needed.
– How Bec utilized a Lean Startup approach to writing her new book.
– Current innovations happening in the publishing world and what the future of publishing looks like.

And much, much more…

There are few industries as steeped in traditional, old-school practices as publishing. Many of the major publishing houses have been around for tens (if not hundreds) of years and still haven’t really changed their business structures or publishing methods. But for Bec Evans, that just means there’s a lot of potential for things to become a bit more interesting.

Bec has spent her entire career working in and around the world of writing and publishing. She was managing a writer’s retreat when she had an idea for an app that would help writers complete their writing projects. By digging into the idea, she became interested in Lean Startup techniques — specifically what it would be like to work in a fast, iterative way — and began working on the app Prolifiko, a productivity tool for writers that helps them start and finish their writing projects.

But, she still needed to pay the rent, so Bec took a job working for a publisher. The company knew about her side hustle and got excited about the technology and the different things Bec was trying, so they created a new role for her in their company: Head of Innovation.

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