In conversation with John Zachman – Zachman EA Certification: Modelling Workshop

This course is available as a public course (face to face) or via live streaming.

16-18 September 2019, London

This workshop, based on the Zachman Framework V3.0, and incorporates actual modeling practice. The workshop consists of 6-8 hours of guided self-learning through a series of videos and assignments and culminates in a three-day instructor-led workshop. The workshop is based on actual Enterprise experience and is designed to give the participants hands-on experience creating both “Primitive” (architecture) models as well as “Composite” (implementation) models.

The workshop prepares delegates for both levels of the Zachman Certified- Enterprise Architect program: Zachman Certified™ – Enterprise Architect Associate (Level1) and Zachman Certified™ – Enterprise Architect Professional (Level 2).

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