ImproveCamp #4 – Professor Joe MacDonald NHS Triumph and Disaster – How to be the difference

ImproveCamp a new weekly event for people working on improving public services. Sign up to the mailing list to be notified about the events and when content from the event is published​​​ The events will be weekly and are networking and discussion focussed. We are delighted to have Professor Joe MacDonald speak about NHS Triumph and Disaster – How to be the difference.

Please do sign up to ImproveCamp and come along to meet other people working for the public good and improvement of services. We are open to all sectors and disciplines across the public and private sector.

We aim to provide real networking events with great content not webinars. Sign up now​​​ Video produced by We are Lean and Agile​​​ who are also ImproveCamp sponsors. We make improvement easy for you.

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