Improvecamp #3 Kit Collingwood talks about the last 13 months at the Royal Borough of Greenwich

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We are delighted to have Kit Collingwood from Royal Borough of Greenwich fit a sh**tload of content into a 15 minute lightning talk. Hear about 13 months work in this talk, a great overview of some impressive things happening at Greenwich.

Full slides can be accessed here
Excerpt of the slides below.

Hello ImproveCamp!

I’m Kit.

9 years in the civil service
1 year in consultancy
13 months (and counting) here

There are 2 RBGs in my life
(I love them equally)

This is the story of my first year with this RBG

January to March: The Chill

New team
Much accountability

Nice and calm

March to June: The Race

2000 laptops
1000 phones
5 new services
Lots of remote onboarding

Mental health
Isolation from family/friends
Disconnection from colleagues

Literally no chill

June to now: The Build

I wanted a strategy that

Could fail
Would hold us to account
Would be understood by anyone

What’s in it

Workstream 1: build new resident services which are online by default, with extra help for those who need it
Workstream 2: give our people the tools they need to do the job
Workstream 3: get better with data
Workstream 4: make our infrastructure and systems modern, secure and interoperable
Workstream 5: build digital capability
Workstream 6: support innovation across the borough

Vision and guiding principles
We want to use the best of modern digital, technology and data to transform our services to residents, visitors, businesses, and staff.
We will improve the experience and outcomes of our residents, enabling them to thrive whatever their circumstances. We will use technology to rethink how we operate as a council so that we continuously improve our service to residents while enabling a modern, efficient and satisfied workforce.

Our approach
We will follow six principles to guide all of our digital, technology and data transformation work. These are:
1. A relentless focus on resident needs
2. Being data-led in our decision-making
3. Treating our staff as valued users
4. We will continuously develop our services and products
5. One council, one team
6. Agile and iterative delivery

Workstream 1: build new resident services which are online by default, with extra help for those who need it
People expect services to be online and available on any device. Accessing simple council services online should be as easy as ordering from Amazon.
People should be able to pay using a range of online payment options, just like in their everyday lives. They should experience seamless services from us, with the opportunity to give feedback on the channels of their choice. This will reduce failure demand on our customer service teams and business areas, and improve our resident, visitor and business experience of us.

The intended outcomes of this workstream are that:
most of our residents choose and prefer to interact with us online (at least two thirds, not including complex case work)
people get what they want first time in 80% of our interactions with residents, whether for information or transactional services, without needing help
users rate our online services ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ more than 85% of the time
users understand our website and associated information, meaning they do not have to contact us if we have put the information online
residents can easily participate in democratic processes online
residents trust our online presence, relying on consistent design and content to know they are interacting with us and only us.

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