Imagining work: using physical space to visualise, plan and track work – Dee Wauchope

Dee Wauchope’s Agile On The Beach 2019 session on ‘Imagining Work – using physical space to visualise, plan and track work’.

In it Dee discussed how, in her work with clients, she typically use a lot of post-its and ‘decorate’ many walls to visualise and track work. Dee introduces a number of different visualisation approaches that she’s used and that any participant could choose to reuse for themselves. She uses these techniques to jointly create a visual wall to plan and track the attendees conference experience.

Dee’s role at ThoughtWorks is as a Lean/Agile Change Consultant, working with everyone from the CXO level to individual project team members to help bring about organisational improvements that will help enterprises react to the constant flux and disruption in today’s marketplace.

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