How to value a story? – Allan Kelly, Agile on the Beach 2019

Business value, business value, business value. In his AOTB 2019 talk Allan Kelly explores how to put a value on stories in a backlog while uncovering new requirements, elaborating specifications and valuable opportunities.

We have it drummed into us: order work by business value, “do the most valuable stuff first.” But how many of us put a value on the work we are doing? How many of us attach business value to stories? Why not? Because its damn difficult. Far easier to use effort cost estimates (even if they are unreliable.)

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Allan inspires digital teams to effectively deliver better products through Agile technologies. He believes that improving development requires a broad view of interconnected activities. Most of his work is with innovative teams and smaller companies – including scale-ups; he specialises in product development and engineering.

He is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, Value Poker and Time-Value Profiles. Allan is the author of the perennial essay: “Dear Customer, the truth about IT” and several books including: “Xanpan – team centric Agile Software Development” and “Business Patterns for Software Developers”. He is currently completing “Continuous Digital”.

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