How to Use Process Street’s Slack App

Keeping track of your tasks across multiple inboxes can be a nightmare. Use Process Street’s Slack App to consolidate your tasks into a single Slack channel and keep your inbox clear.

This video explains how to install and set up the Process Street Slack App. You’ll also learn what notifications you will receive and how to complete form fields, tasks, and entire checklists without having to leave Slack.

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For more information on how to set up and use the Slack App:

0:09 – A brief overview of the Slack App
0:33 – Setting up the Slack App
0:54 – How to find the Process Street App in Slack once installed
0:59 – The types of notifications you will receive
1:21 – How to manage notifications
1:30 – How to view tasks within Slack, fill in form fields, and complete tasks
1:47 – The platforms compatible with Process Street’s Slack App

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