How to Use Process Behavior Charts to Improve Case Studies

Presented by Mark Graban, author of
“Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More”

In previous webinars, Mark Graban has introduced the case for Process Behavior Charts — including why they are a better alternative to “bowling charts” and how they help us not react to every uptick or downturn in a metric. Viewers wanted more information – and here we’ll deliver!

In this webinar, you will:

See various examples of Process Behavior Charts from the workplace and from data that we see in the news

Understand the difference between “signal” and “noise” in a metric

Learn when to react to a single data point (or another meaningful signal in the data) to trigger immediate Root Cause Analysis

Know when to step back and improve a system using a more systematic, less reactive approach, like A3 Problem Solving

Use Process Behavior Charts to perform hypothesis testing — was your change really a significant improvement or not

Apply Process Behavior Charts to situations where individuals or organizations are being ranked in performance (covered in the bonus

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