How to Use Amazon DynamoDB

In this episode of Decoded Quick Hits, featuring OutSystems Developer Advocate Cristiana Umbelino, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of AWS DynamoDB with OutSystems. Amazon DynamoDB is a good alternative to your current database stack when you need to store high amounts of aggregated data that are auxiliary to your application’s core functionality.

User analytics is a good use case for the use of Amazon DynamoDB component. While it’s important data to understand how your users navigate your product it can be offloaded to another database stack that is not serving your app.

You can download the Amazon DynamoDB Connector on the OutSystems Forge:

Intro – 00:00
What is DynamoDB – 00:26
Demo Start – 01:34
Overview of the sample application – 02:20
Installing the Forge component – 03:06
Amazon DynamoDB setup – 03:43
Integrating DynamoDB in the sample app – 05:53
Converting datatypes – 07:00
Publishing the module – 10:00
Use DynamoDB in the sample app – 10:07
Testing the sample app – 11:07
Creating an app to read DynamoDB data – 11:33
Testing the data reader app – 16:23
Wrap-up / Recap – 16:32

Decoded: Quick Hits – Episode 8

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