How to Support Continuous Improvement – The 2% Rule and the Continuous Improvement Culture.

Continuous Improvement is a philosophy that says every process can be improved and the company should always strive to do so.

This video will teach you how to support continuous improvement with just 2% of your people, making it easy for anyone in your organization to make an impact.

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✏️ Transcript of the video

How to support continuous improvement – The 2% rule.

Many companies begin the improvement process but obtain poor results or results that do not last over time.


My opinion is that many companies have not yet understood 2 very important aspects.

1) The first:

To be a continuous improvement specialist you need specific skills.

I often hear people say: common sense is enough to do Lean.

This is not quite the case.

It takes common sense to do any job. In addition to being a CI specialist, you need to know the 5S, be able to facilitate a value stream mapping session, have the basics of change management, and much more.

On the subject, you can review 2 videos I made on the characteristics of the Continuous Improvement engineer and Continuous Improvement manager.

2) The second one:

Continuous Improvement must be a constantly active process with adequate resources.

Can you think of having the Plant maintenance department with untrained personnel and with resources that change from year to year, going from zero to 5 depending on the current trend?

I do not believe it.


If we agree on the fact that to support Continuous Improvement we need professionals in an adequate number and 100% dedicated, let’s move on to the question:

▶ How many resources do you need?

To answer this question I quote the book “Lean Turnaround” di Art Byrne

Where a percentage of around 2% of the resources is mentioned.

What does this mean?

It means that if there are 100 people in the company.

2 people should be 100% employed on continuous improvement.

▶ But are they a cost?

If they are professionals or if they are supported by a good Sensei, this 2% should pay off the cost at least 3-4 times.

This means that these 2 people are an investment for the company and not a cost.

What to do if my company has 1000 people?

In my experience, it is not easy to manage 20 people right away.

My advice is to choose a model line (for example of 200 people) and invest 2% in continuous improvement.

After having learned in the field and having verified the soundness of the investment, you can extend the good practices learned in one department and expand the improvement office with another product line.

▶ Conclusions.

To support continuous improvement, these 3 elements cannot be ignored.

At least 2% of the resources are committed full-time and well prepared.

A good Sensei.

Leadership Commitment to Continuous Improvement.

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