How To Slay A Dragon, Lessons in Agile Delivery from Storytelling – Josh Lynas

Storytelling is one of the oldest human arts, and many of us use these techniques without even thinking about them. The hypothesis shared in How To Slay A Dragon, is that we can all learn from these age-old techniques and tricks, to benefit in real life situations today.

Whether it be by inspiring a team to go and slay their dragon, and allowing each team member to fulfil their own story arc, or by using techniques from table-top roleplaying games, such as character sheets, or introducing randomness, you’ll come away with new ways to frame the challenges you see in your teams, and new ways to slay your own dragons.

‘How To Slay A Dragon – Lessons in Agile Delivery from Storytelling’, sees Josh and Jeff explore their mutual love of storytelling and how lessons learned from its many forms can be used to great effect in pulling together high performing, passionate teams. By discussing this shared passion of storytelling, and reflecting on their combined decades of experience in Software Delivery, they’ve come to the conclusion that all teams can benefit from looking at their own story, and the ups and downs encountered along the way.

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