How to map and model processes – Cup of tea round

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How can you map and improve your processes using our software.
Using a cup of tea round as an example we map and model the process then improve it and show the benefits.
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This software is groundbreaking and helps you deliver not only mapping for projects and identifying benefits but also helps you truly embed Continuous Improvement Culture in your organisation business analysis software – business analysis software: tools for requirements management. Process mapping software – process mapping software for to help us deliver like a consultant (except cheaper, faster and more sustainably)

1. Save 30-40% analyst time by removing the need for lengthy write ups.
2. Build maps live in workshops meaning not only do the BA’s save time but the stakeholders are familiar with the outputs
3. Capture times and calculate costs to identify the benefits of change and help you justify/prioritise
4. User friendly icons to make it easier for business users to understand but also display and output in BPMN and other formats
5. Powerful analysis tools to help you quickly identify bottlenecks and challenges
6. Enable service areas to map like a pro with modern tools to give you a framework for process improvement
7. Digital collaboration on process designs, share immediately and get feedback direct on your service designs. Also publish a digital process handbook to support training and continuous improvement
8. Brainstorm app for electronic capture of Post it sessions making a more engaging workshop and removing the need to capture and write up outputs as they are already digital
9. Generate business cases easily by comparing your As Is and To Be maps and seeing the benefits onscreen plus you can output the figures to excel
10. Process handbook functionality
11. CI is fully supported in this process suite with ideas through to implementation and back to ideas again all handled in a single digital process platform
12. Help embed a continuous improvement culture by deploying tools to support your teams to deliver process improvements

How to continuously improve your continuous improvement program.

How do i start a continuous improvement program?

Continuous improvement game for process improvement and leadership.

A continual improvement process, also often called a continuous improvement process (abbreviated as CIP or CI), is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

How do i start a continuous improvement program?

Learn how to go about starting a continuous improvement program in your organization

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