How to Make an Org Chart | Org Chart Tutorial with Gliffy Diagram

Organizational charts are an important way to show the reporting structure of your team or company. By keeping an up-to-date org chart, you can improve communication and collaboration across your organization. In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an org chart in Confluence, Jira, and Online.

We’ll cover:
🔹 How to open an org chart template in Gliffy
🔹 How to drag & drop shapes to draw an org chart from scratch
🔹 How to add extra details like links to company pages
🔹 Tips for keeping your org chart clear and easy-to-use
🔹 …and more!

Follow along on this org chart with a free trial of Gliffy Online here:

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For more help creating an org chart, extra tips, and detailed, written instructions, here’s our blog post explaining how to make an organizational chart in Gliffy:

Gliffy is one of the leading Atlassian apps for drawing a diagram in Confluence or Jira. Learn about Gliffy’s Confluence and Jira diagram apps here:

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