How to Make a Timeline | Easy Timeline Tutorial in Gliffy

Timelines are a type of chart or diagram that shows how events occur in chronological order. Timelines can describe the past, present, or future. A project management timeline usually captures the steps or milestones that need to happen in the future to complete the project by a certain date.

This tutorial will show you how to make a timeline and even use Gliffy as a project management timeline tool, giving you the ability to quickly draw up timelines and embed them in other tools like Trello, Confluence, or Slack.

We鈥檒l cover:
馃敼 How to open a pre-loaded timeline template
馃敼 How to drag & drop shapes to draw a timeline from scratch
馃敼 Tips for aligning and evenly distributing shapes
馃敼 How to use layers to keep your timeline clean
馃敼 How to use your new timeline as a template for another
馃敼 …and more.

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