How to Make a BPMN Diagram | Gliffy BPMN Diagram Tutorial

A BPMN diagram is a type of flowchart that shows a process or workflow, while following a specific diagramming language called Business Process Modeling Notation. It’s a valuable tool in the business process management practice for quickly describing workflows.

You can use BPMN diagrams to evaluate and improve an existing process or define an entirely new process.

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a BPMN diagram in Confluence, Jira, or online.

We’ll cover:
🔹 Best practices for clarifying what should be included in your diagram
🔹 How to set up swimlanes for your process
🔹 The basics of activities, events, and gateways
🔹 …and more!

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If you’re new to BPMN diagramming and want an introduction, check out our blog post here:

For extra tips, and detailed, written instructions, here’s our blog post explaining how to make a BPMN diagram in Gliffy:

Gliffy is the leading app for drawing a diagram in Confluence or Jira. You can learn more about our Confluence and Jira diagram apps here:

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