How to get started Documenting Processes with Business as an equal partner

Tillamook, a 100 year-old cooperative made up of over 150 dairies, produces high-end dairy products. Until recently, processes were passed down from artisan to artisan in the form of what Steve jokingly refers to as “tribal knowledge.” When Tillamook’s new CEO came on board he realized that he needed to get a handle on the company’s processes in order to move forward and compete in today’s market. It was Steve’s job to put together a Process Management Model to lead the collection and documentation of the company’s processes.

Steve will talk about his recent experience and specifically: ◾How he built a core team where IT was in the minority and the majority of the members came from the business side.
◾How the team decided where to begin
◾How they involved over 150 people, from all over the company, to help detail the processes
◾How they got process owners from the business to own execution after the initial documentation effort.

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