How To Fix The Leaks In Your Female Talent Pipeline

How To Fix The Leaks In Your Female Talent Pipeline
Gifty Enright, Author, Speaker, Women in the Workplace Expert,

Webinar Overview:

Failing to attract, retain and get the most from the available resource pool is like doing business with one hand tied behind your back. Businesses are haemorrhaging female talent which is expensive, inefficient and highly disruptive to performance.

Every business will reap fast and long-term rewards by investing in this obvious, but often overlooked, business change of developing and maintaining the female talent pipeline. Not investing in this valuable change, risks your business being left behind.

This talk will show you how to maintain the female talent pipeline, and as a result:

• Keep your best talent
• Become a magnet for new and engaged talent
• Reap the benefits of a diverse and dynamic workforce

This informative talk will give you a fresh and innovative perspective on this largely untapped, and readily available resource. which will grow and enhance your business. You will learn from this thought-provoking session:

• The business case for investing in the female talent pipeline
• How you to develop and maintain the female talent pipeline
• The rewards you and your business will reap by investing this business change.

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