How to Fix Teams With Continuous Improvement Culture | LAMP ep1

Are you tired of putting out the fires of your team issues just to see them cycle back? If so, you might be extinguishing the symptoms instead of eliminating the root cause of your problems. Today we will shine the light on building and sustaining the culture of continuous improvement and how this key concept of Lean philosophy can help you solve the team management issues.

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• In this episode: 00:00:15
• More about the guest: 00:00:39
• What are the most common team issues? 00:02:42
• What is the ultimate team productivity roadblock? 00:03:29
• These work culture tweaks will dramatically change your team’s performance 00:04:45
• What is Continuous Improvement in Lean? What are the common misbeliefs? 00:06:25
• How can you measure your progress in adopting Continuous Improvement mentality? 00:08:57
• What are the resources that you need for a successful adoption Continuous Improvement culture? 00:10:17
• Understanding trust issues in teams 00:12:53
• How to encourage improvement without becoming a nasty manager? 00:15:00
• Efficiency crisis: “We are spending only 5% of the time doing valuable work” 00:19:11
• How to make your team x5 more efficient: 00:19:46
• Defining the value of our work 00:20:44
• How can we measure the value of our work? 00:23:49
• Is there a shortcut to an efficient and Lean work culture? 00:27:14

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