How to Facilitate Requirements Gathering Workshops (aka JAD, JRP, JAR, JAD/R)

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In this KnowledgeKnugget™ (KK) you will learn a fast-track approach to getting user requirements from a diverse group of stakeholders.

Requirements Gathering Workshops set the stage for successful IT projects by getting the right people together to define Business, Stakeholder, Solution (functional and non-functional), and Transition Requirements. You can use a Requirements Gathering Workshop to elicit initial requirement statements for traditional methodologies or to seed a Product Backlog with User Stories for Agile development.

This KnowledgeKnugget™ answers questions like:
1. What is a Requirements Gathering Workshop?
2. How can it benefit your project / company?

This 90-minute course describes the concept of eliciting requirements and explains its necessity. It defines and contrasts 5 specific types of interviews for helping subject matter experts discover their requirements. Since interviewing is not an intuitive skill, we also present a wide range of interviewing techniques and define the characteristics of a good requirements interviewer. To guide you through the intricacies of conducting group interviews, we dedicate an entire section to facilitating Requirements Gathering Workshops (JAD, RDW, User Story Workshops, etc.), a powerful requirements definition technique for cross-functional groups on traditional and Agile software development methodologies.

Upon completion of the entire course, you can:
• Define and distinguish five specific requirements elicitation approaches from one-on-one Requirements Interviews to Requirements Gathering Workshops
• Evaluate the pros and cons of each approach for your organization and project
• Prepare, perform, and manage effective requirements gathering interviews and workshops
• Use informational and active listening to discover hidden requirements during interviews and workshops
• Recognize the specific challenges and strengths of facilitated requirements workshops involving cross-functional groups of stakeholders
• Improve your interviewing skills by analyzing the best-practice attitudes and characteristics of effective interviewers

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