How to Do Value Stream Mapping – Lesson 9 – Value Stream Mapping Software

Value Stream Mapping Software Yes or No?
If Yes, what is my favorite VSM Software? I will reveal my thoughts in this video.

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👉 Here the transcript of the video:

Value Stream Mapping Software yes or no?

What is the best software to use for value stream mapping?

▶ Let me answer the first question.

The Value Stream Mapping Software can be used only after the VSM done with the team as I explained in the previous videos.

Can you do a “walk the process” with the software at your desk?
I think no.

Can you involve 5-7 persons around a map, discussing different options on a 15 inches screen?

Again no.

▶ Value Stream Mapping is a paper and pencil tool.

So, when it is useful to use the software?

▶ Well, after a VSM session a software can be used for:

A) To create a synthetic format to show in some meeting or at the daily morning meeting.

B) A clearer picture to analyze with a smaller team the future state opportunities.

C) With the right VSM software, you can do Lead Time and Inventory Calculations with multiple scenarios.

D) Multisite VSM summary.

▶ Now, if you need the VSM software, what is the best to use?

If you need just a VSM summary you can go for PowerPoint or Visio.

If you need a very easy calculation you can go for SmartDraw.

These are my choices.

But, if you want to have a software that will help you in the Lean Journey making the work of the Kaizen Promotion office more productive and with no waste of time, click the link below.



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