How to Do Value Stream Mapping – Lesson 8 – How to Create Future State VSM

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Here the transcript of the video:

Let us start with the purpose of the Future State VSM.

#1 – Build a Value Stream where single processes are linked to their customers.

#2 – The processes produce only what is needed when is needed, in the quantity needed.

#3 – In the Future State, the wastes highlighted in the current state are eliminated.

the steps to follow are:

A) Meet with the team in front of the current state VSM

B) Take a red pencil and start discussing and noting improvement opportunities by answering this set of questions:

– What is the Takt Time of the Value Stream?
– Is it possible to build a supermarket where the customer pulls?
– Where in the process can we use flow?
– Where the processes are too far and we need supermarkets?
– Where will we set the PACEMAKER of the flow as a single point of scheduling?
– How will we level the production mix?
– What increment of work will we consistently release?
– What improvements will be necessary? (i.e. Improve Uptime, Improve Quality, Improve Changeover Time).


After this set of questions, you should have a current state VSM full of Kaizen Burst.

It is time now to draw the Future State by using new symbols as Kanban, Pull, Supermarket, FIFO, etc.

For each Kaizen Burst try to imagine an impact on the KPIs as Inventory, Lead Time or Quality.


In the description below you will find bonus material to go into details.

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