How to Do Value Stream Mapping – Lesson 7 – VSM Future State and Lean Principles

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So far I explained to you how to draw the current state VSM.

before moving on how to draw the future state VSM, I want to tell you some principles to get a Lean Value Stream.

If you know the Lean principles to follow, you will draw the future state more consciously.

# Principle 1 – Do not overproduce.
Produce at the Takt Time speed to avoid overproduction.
Overproduction is the king of the 7 wastes.

# Principle 2 – Create the flow, where is possible.
When the process workstations are far from each other, the material stagnation is natural.
With closer workstations will be easier to have one-piece-flow.

# Principle 3 – Use the supermarket to control production.
When is not possible to move workstations closer, use a supermarket and pull system to control the inventory.

# Principle 4 – Schedule only at one point.
If scheduling occurs in multiple points the information flow will be messy and the material flow accordingly.
This scheduling point is named the PACEMAKER.

# Principle 5 – Level the production mix
At the PACEMAKER try to schedule the production mix at the shortest time interval you can. Distribute the production in the sequence ABCABC rather than AABBCCAABBCC.

# Principle 6 – Level the production volume
Release into production small and consistent increments of work.

# Principle 7 – Develop the organization to avoid large batches of production. The best way to do that is by SMED events.



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