How to do Product-Led Growth with Wes Bush | PS Interviews

Product-led growth is about building a product that is so good that opting to pay for it after a free trial period is over/ upgrading from freemium to a premium model is a no-brainer.

This video asks PLG champ, author, and founder Wes Bush about how to make PLG work and become a successful, product-oriented company.

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For more information on product-led growth check out this article:

0:10 Why should companies follow Wes’ advice, what makes him an expert?
2:09 Where the product-led growth idea came from
3.43 What makes Wes’ approach to PLG different from other players (like Openiew Partners)
5:10 Can all SaaS companies benefit from PLG?
6:41 Are there any risks with the PLG approach?
9:27 Apple: A PLG example
10:10 Are there companies that are trying PLG but not hitting the mark?
13:32 A bottom-up GTM strategy and PLG
14:23 The growth mechanisms at work in PLG
17:36 Final word on PLG

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