How to create the conditions for an awesome DevEx – Hibri Marzook

It’s 2022, and software development and delivery is a fractious experience. Developers and teams struggle to get going.

The developer platforms organisations have built are not fit for purpose.
Cloud foundations do not evolve in line with the requirements of the development teams
Old fashioned Centre of Excellence’s have turned into the ivory towers of the cloud world

This session will explore and share patterns and practices that improve developer autonomy and create an awesome DevEx.

– What makes a good developer experience?
– What are the common stumbling blocks?
– How to architect to manage risk, governance and autonomy
– How to build modern team topologies that don’t hinder progress and ensure long term sustainability
– How to build a culture that is transparent and breaks down silos?

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Since 2011 Agile on the Beach has been a two day agile conference, set on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between. The conference explores agile software, products, teams, business and practices. With over 400 attending, the conference hosts 50 seminars and workshops to provide the ultimate agile learning experience, along with ample opportunities for networking at its three evening events.

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