How to create an unstoppable process culture

Overcoming resistance to change is often cited as the number one challenge of any organization embarking on process improvement. But what if it is actually the way we run our change programs that is restricting our teams’ natural urge to change?

In this webinar recording, Ivan Seselj, CEO Promapp, examines current process improvement practices and explores how you can create a powerful culture of process improvement.

– See examples of behaviours that may block natural innovation and engagement with change initiatives
– Get practical ideas on how to sustain relevance of change to business teams
– Identify ways to help infiltrate “business as usual” to achieve real and long-term process change
– Understand the massive impact getting the culture right can have on your business performance

Promapp Solutions Ltd works with organisations to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.

Our software, Promapp, is a cloud based BPM application that makes it easy to create, navigate and change business processes. It provides an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool and a process improvement toolset.

Our success has stemmed from a central philosophy–that expressing and managing process knowledge can be kept simple, and that this information is crucial in sustaining an on-going culture of process improvement. We consider our prime audience for communicating process knowledge to be the teams within the business itself, rather than the experts that contribute at various stages in the process improvement cycle.

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