How to Create an Internet-connected AI-powered Candy Dispenser

Want to jump straight to the demo? Just click to skip to 14:30 in the video.

What do you do when your boss sends you a stepper motor and a part from a cheap cereal/snack dispenser? Build an AI-powered IoT Candy Dispenser, of course!

In this how-to video, we’ll take a look at the parts that go into this off-beat use of OutSystems, from the Arduino-programmable IoT board that controls a stepper motor and some LEDs, to the AI services provided by Azure Cognitive Services, and made available as plugins in the OutSystems Forge, to the OutSystems mobile application that brings it all together.

Hardware list (note that the video is not intended as a detailed tutorial, but the list below will help for intrepid makers who want to try replicating this device):
Candy Dispenser: Honey-Can-Do Dry Food Dispenser –

Stepper Motor: NEMA 17 12V 1.5A –

Particle Photon:

TB6612 Stepper Motor Breakout Board:

NeoPixel RGB LED Ring:
(Note that AdaFruit reccommends including an electrolytic capacitor inline with the power to any NeoPixel ring or string to help avoid damaging the LEDs from any power spikes – you can read more on their NeoPixel Uberguide –

Half-size breadboard and jumpers (these are easy to find, so not including a link)

12V power supply, around 3A

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