How to Create a Site Map | Gliffy Site Map Tutorial

A site map is a list or diagram that can help you plan out or re-organize your website. They’re an important part of UI/UX design because they map out how a user can navigate to each page of the website. In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a site map in Confluence, Jira, and Online.

We’ll cover:
🔹 What to include in your site map
🔹 Tips for how to start laying out your site
🔹 How to drag and drop shapes to describe your site structure
🔹 How to add links so that you can easily reference existing content
🔹 …and more.

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For more help with how to draw a site map, extra tips, and detailed, written instructions, here’s our blog post on site maps:

Gliffy is the most popular app for diagramming in Confluence or Jira. Learn about Gliffy’s Confluence and Jira diagram apps here:

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