How to Create a Good Process – 6 Characteristics You Cannot Ignore

A good process has to have 6 characteristics that are listed in this video. You can create a good process if you do not miss any of the described characteristics.

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What a good process should be?

To meet today’s high customer expectations, companies must accelerate the digitization of their business processes.

In other words, re-imagining the customer journey means revisiting your processes:
Are they still making sense?
Are they good processes to be kept?

I am Florence Meunier, the founder of, a consultancy dedicated to Leadership training programs, Coaching & Mentoring and process optimization.

In this video, we will go through 6 characteristics that a good process shall have.

To start with, a good process must be:

▶ 1. Simple

Good processes are made as simple as possible to avoid opportunities for error in execution.
Unnecessary complexity makes processes difficult to follow and even more difficult to inspect and control.

▶ 2. Robust

Good processes are robust for various conditions and circumstances.
Even unlikely inputs or environmental conditions should be accounted for and considered in the process development.

▶ 3. Documented

Without documentation (either written or electronic),
the process becomes better known as tribal knowledge.
Through proper documentation, the expected process is captured and can be used as a standard for process control.

▶ 4. Controlled

Good processes are executed in a controlled, managed way.
This allows the process to be the same each and every time.
If a process is controlled, it can be improved.

▶ 5. Communicated

Good processes are communicated to those who participate in them,
those who receive the outputs of the process, and those who provide the inputs to the process.
Expectations are understood and the ability to self-manage the process is driven.

▶ 6. Error-proofed

Good processes leave little room for error in their execution.
Visual indicators and reminders, poke yoke systems,
and other error-proofing techniques are applied in order to safeguard against errant process execution.

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