How To Become A Leader In Digital

How To Become A Leader In Digital
Dr Sander Meijer, Manager Enterprise Architecture, Royal BAM Group

Sander will be speaking at the Virtual Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Conference Europe 26-29 October 2020 on the subject, ‘How To Become A Leader In Digital’

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Webinar Overview:

Digitalisation is transforming the highly conservative construction industry and the built environment. Against this background, BAM’s strategy for 2016-2020 has an objectives to become a leader in digital construction. BAM intends to be at the forefront of digitisation by using cutting edge digital tools and processes. How is BAM facilitating this digital transformation?

In this presentation the audience will learn that digital transformation includes:

• Investing in innovation to create an attractive environment for partnerships and rapid prototyping to shorten time to market.
• Sharpening capabilities and the operating model, with a focus on employee training and development.
• Enhancing local entrepreneurship to serve clients.
• Improving systems and processes that operating companies use, which includes investing in knowledge and expertise for data-driven project selection, tendering and execution.
• Leveraging group synergies in areas such as business controls, information management, strategic sourcing and partnerships.

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