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This video will help you traverse the path of becoming a business analyst. A business analyst bridges the IT and business teams’ gap using analytics to evaluate processes, determine requirements, deliver data-driven solutions, and generate reports to executives and stakeholders. The role of a business analyst is gaining paramount importance in today’s times. In this video, you will see who precisely a business analyst is, the various responsibilities of a business analyst, and the skills required to become a business analyst. You will see the roadmap to becoming a business analyst. We will conclude the video with the average annual salary of a business analyst and the various companies hiring business analysts!

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This Business Analyst Master’s Program is designed to hone your expertise in the latest Business analytics tools and techniques, including planning and monitoring, data analysis and statistics, visualizations, Agile Scrum methodologies, and SQL databases. This Business Analyst certification course will train you in a practical manner with real-world case studies, ensuring that you’re market-ready.

The employment of management analysts, including business analysts, is expected to grow 14 percent between 2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is a higher growth rate than other professions.

Business Analysts use data to outline problems, opportunities, and solutions for businesses and report them back to the stakeholders in the organization. They also play a crucial role in fixing outdated processes, driving new technology adoption, and innovation, making this an in-demand role in every area of business, from consulting to product management. A Business Analyst’s career path can take them in multiple directions, depending on their experience and future career goals. Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Certification is a perfect program to kick start your career, and have endless growth opportunities.

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