How to Add a Diagram in Jira | Jira Diagram Tutorial

Here’s how to make a diagram in Jira with Gliffy, the most popular diagramming app in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Whether you want to learn how to make a Jira flowchart, or draw a new idea on an epic with UML, Gliffy makes it possible in just a few clicks.

With over 18 million users in the Atlassian Ecosystem, Gliffy is the leading diagram solution. And, while it’s loaded with shapes and features to support technical diagramming in formats like UML, DFDs, or cloud architectures, it’s extremely easy to use. Just drag and drop the shapes you need to diagram or make a diagram in Jira in just a few clicks. You can learn about our Atlassian diagram apps for Confluence and Jira here:

Once you know how to add a diagram in Jira, you’ve got a blank canvas to work with. Check out some of our tutorials to learn how to make specific diagrams in Gliffy:
🔹 Learn how to create a flowchart in Jira:
🔹 Learn how to create swimlanes:
🔹 Learn how to make network diagrams:

🎬 Watch our whole Diagramming Tutorials playlist:

Not using Confluence or Jira? A free trial of our standalone cloud app, Gliffy Online, is available here:

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