How to adapt to unforeseen circumstances that influence your product

How to adapt to changes that influence your product during the Covid-19 period? Big part of it is shifting plans and reacting to user feedback. This will be a story on how SumUp reacted to economic changes happening in multiple countries in the context of their lockdowns. You will learn what and how we prioritized to keep our merchants alive, including:

– a deep-dive into the process of rethinking our products in accordance with our merchant’s new reality;
– aligning our priorities within SumUp;
– collaboration between two teams (squads), which have previously not worked together
– Responding to change and quickly adapting a product roadmap.

Launching in 2012, Sumup built a payment service from scratch. It has become the leading mobile point-of-sale in Europe creating a unique device, linking your smartphone to accept card payments anywhere. SumUp enjoyed an impressive global reach and has since expanded into more than 30 countries, including Germany, the U.S. and Brazil. Today, more than 2000 SumUppers on three continents are expanding the range of products and services of the company.

About the speaker:

Patryk Pawlikowski is the VP of e-commerce at SumUp. He founded the award-winning Polish startup Shoplo, which was acquired by SumUp in 2019. He is an experienced designer and product manager by heart.

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