How the Business Analyst can Succeed in a BPM World: Creating High Caliber Business Processes

As a Business Analyst asked to help improve operations and customer services, you may be aware of terms such as BPM, KPI’s, and Web Services. If not, you will be.

During this Webinar we would like to take you through how a modern BA develops and navigates a large-scale business process automation project. This BA will be asked to interface between business users and IT to help create a Web-based application that streamlines the business process.

Subjects we will discuss include:
* What do I need to begin the project?
* Who needs to participate?
* What concepts should I understand?
* What questions should I be asking business users?
* What does IT need to understand about budget and timing?
* How do I capture and track metrics?

Learning objectives:
1. Successfully participating in a BPM project
2. Questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid
3. Explaining how to apply technology toward process automation
4. Harnessing the power of technology

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