How Requirements Repositories and Reusability can Help Achieve a Competitive Advantage Webinar

How do companies profitably go about harvesting and holding their corporate knowledge? When you’re dealing with general reference information, it’s pretty easy to use technologies such as Wikis and Sharepoint to push out information on policies to specific user communities. But requirements information is vastly different in structure, as are the uses of information, and user needs for access. The benefit scenarios for requirements repositories need to be practical and grounded in the unique nature of this information.

This webinar will address how a repository can be used to standardize BA activities, achieve greater analyst efficiency, and deliver better solutions by addressing the following topics:

– Best practices for Business Analysis knowledge management
– Building a business case for a Business Analysis/Requirements repository
– Challenges faced in building a requirements repository
– Linking the requirements repository to the business architecture
– Promoting standardization through reusability
– Establishing greater efficiency for business analysis activities through use of a repository

Give-aways: Participants of this webinar will receive a copy of the webinar from the presentation as well as supplemental material to help build a strategic business analysis repository

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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