How much do you trust the team? – Andy Eley, Agile on the Beach 2019

In Andy Eley’s session from Agile On The Beach 2019 he looks at teams and how we can build better, trusting relationships with them and our external stakeholders. Why? Because you work with them day in, day out, spending the majority of your waking life with them. But how much do you trust them? And how much do they trust you?

Andy discusses some of his observations from taking distrusting/dysfunctioning teams, through to teams that you’d trust with your life and theirs with yours.

Andy has worked as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile coach in a number of multinational companies, spanning different industries. In each of these roles a high level of trust has to be earned with the other team members and the external stakeholders.

The three pillars of Scrum focus on collaboration, transparency and adaptation, which all rely on trust. So why not see how it can be improved?

If you are part of a team looking to create a higher level of internal trust or to improve the way your team is seen, these tips and topics could help you.

Andy Eley is an Agile coach, educator, facilitator and leader who is passionate about helping teams enjoy their work and create delightful products. He currently works at JP Morgan in Glasgow with technical and non technical teams, but has spent time coaching in many different industries.

Agile started off as something he did at work, but has slowly crept into everyday life; including at home with the family, although his two year old struggles with the concept of limiting ‘work in progress’ or as we call it ‘toys in play’.

He started as a developer, but when he moved to a team experimenting with Scrum, the Scrum Master role was one he really enjoyed. After a year he transitioned to Agile Champion for the wider line of business within a year and was coaching teams across the globe with their first tentative steps into the Agile world.

A deep passion for creating safe, trusted and empowered teams has been developed over the years. While also aiding them to strip back Agile to its principles has meant the teams can grow and really become Agile, instead of just doing Agile.

You’ll find him at various local meetups trying to both share what he knows and learn from his peers.

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