How Lean & Nimble BPM Helps Analysts Drive Business Change

Trying to model and fit dynamic business flows into structured BPM models? Want a BPM approach that works the way you work? Looking for an easier-to deploy BPM solution?

Join us to find out how business analysts like you are modeling business processes as lists of activities, as well as traditional workflows. Because real-life processes can be more dynamic than flowcharts depict – and structured in different, non-linear ways – trying to model and fit dynamic business flows into structured BPM models has been a challenge. Now there’s an alternative.

By fusing Project Management methodologies with BPM you can finally model processes the way you view them: as list of activities. You can define all the activities that comprise your business processes – and the dependencies of those activities. Processes no longer need to be modeled only in flow charts – or defined in rigid sequences.

Learn how to deploy process-based applications at a fraction of the cost and complexity of older, more traditional BPM approaches. Make BPM more useable so you can deliver results sooner.

Join us to define a better BPM strategy, one that enables you to become leaner and more nimble with your BPM projects.

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