How BAs Can Achieve Business Maturity The Prerequisite for Agile Projects

A central business object repository is not hard to set up; and it delivers substantial value by creating and maintaining operational maturity, which is a prerequisite for an organization to be agile.

-every organization has many perspectives,
-the age-old problem of silos of information persists in the era of big data,
-2020 is THE year in which change management will be tested,
-performance improvement must be centered on value streams.

The best way to achieve Process Maturity through a comprehensive process methodology is by using a shared business object repository. In this way business analysts, enterprise architects, human resource managers, and resource managers can share information through a big data repository to optimize an organization and help members of the C suite perform their management role. When attending this webinar, you will:

-understand how a business object repository works and delivers value
-learn how easy it is to start small and evolve the environment to maturity level V just by using the right tools

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

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