How Analysts Can Easily Conquer Today’s Data Challenges – A Case Study

In this webcast, Rebekah Anderson, BI Director for Concordia University (CU-Portland), shares how her team conquered numerous data analytics challenges.

At CU-Portland, the ongoing need to extract meaningful information from multiple databases and different data sources was creating a huge burden on Rebekah’s team. The analysts had to provide access, analysis, and provisioning of hard-to-find data for an external vendor. On top of that, the team had to constantly assist additional internal and external stakeholders with access to relevant data sources needed for reports and analytics. Meeting all of these challenges was becoming impossible.

Rebekah discovered a software solution that addresses all of these challenges – and more. The solution provides her team with a single business analytics & reporting environment that connects to any data source. Additionally, it enables the team to deliver analytics support based on the unique needs of individual users and projects.

Join this webinar to get Rebekah’s first-hand account of how her team was able to:
• Rapidly generate report prototypes and data mash-ups
• Share analytic storyboards via tablet apps with stakeholders
• Visualize data with interactive charting and intuitive views
• Increase collaboration by sharing views, data sets, and snapshots of content

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