How A Film Composer Uses Lean Startup

We recently hosted a webcast conversation between Giovanni Rotondo, Film Composer & Editor In Chief at Film Scoring Tips, and Marilyn Gorman, Lean Startup Co. Faculty Lead, on how Lean Startup methodologies directly translates into working in the world of music and composition.

In Giovanni and Marilyn’s conversation, they discuss:
– How Giovanni discovered The Lean Startup and began applying it to his work composing music scores
– How he applied the MVP concept to a Minimum Viable Cue
– How he uses A/B testing to submit work to directors

And much, much more…

As a film and television composer, Giovanni Rotondo is not in a line of work traditionally associated with startups or Lean Startup initiatives. That all began to change when he joined a startup in London called The Rattle.

“[The Rattle] is [both] a career incubator for artists and a startup incubator for musical startups,” Giovanni explains. Initially, he joined as an artist, but Giovanni was intrigued and inspired by the startup culture and started having ideas of his own that applied to the world of music. He shared his idea with the co-owner and co-founder of The Rattle, Chris Howard. Chris suggested the book The Lean Startup to Giovanni. As he was reading it, Giovanni could feel the connection between the startup world and his occupation.

“I really [dove] into my mind to see how to apply these concepts to my work,” Giovanni says, “and…I found quite a few ways.”

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