High Mix Low Volume Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing applies to high mix low volume , low mix high volume and any type of industry.

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Lean Thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFhzIYrzaPk

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Can Lean be applied to industries with high, low, and mixed volumes?
The answer is yes, lean applies to all types of industry.

Now I’ll explain why.

I am Mark Anderson a Lean expert with over 20 years of successfully implemented projects and founder of Lean Vlog.

▶ Principles vs Tools

The first thing to specify is the difference between the lean principles and the tools to apply the lean principles.

There is often confusion between principles and tools. Let’s take an example.

The “just in time” is a lean principle, the Kanban is a tool to apply this principle.

Therefore, applying a very sophisticated and expensive “Electronic Kanban” to an industry with low volumes could be a waste compared to cheaper solutions shared by the work team.

In other words, a lean tool that works and is economically viable for a high-volume industry may not be sustainable for a low-volume industry.

On the other hand, lean principles are universally applicable.

For example, The stability that is the basis of the Toyota company applies to every type of industry.

The tools to create stability could change for a high-volume or a low-volume industry.

▶ Lean Tools that apply to any industry

We have made it clear that lean principles apply to every type of industry while the tools can vary.

However, I believe some lean tools can be applied to any industry. For example these 3 tools.

5S method
Lean Morning Meeting
Waste Reduction

Another demonstration of the fact that Lean applies to every type of industry is amply demonstrated in the book “Lean Thinking” where the authors Womack and Jones have reported real success stories for small, medium, and large industries around the world.



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