Governing Transformation And The Trouble With Boards

Governing Transformation And The Trouble With Boards
Steve Taubman, Director, Change Results

Steve will be speaking at the Virtual Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Conference Europe 26-29 October 2020 on the subject, ‘Governing Transformation And The Trouble With Boards’.

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Organisation governance is increasingly high profile , with the duties and expectations of the Board of Directors growing and regulation tightening up accountability. At the same time many organisations are investing significant amounts in Transformation often using Agile approaches and new technologies with which senior leaders and directors are unfamiliar.

In this environment how Boards discharge their duties in a Transformation effectively is not always clear. In turn the support of the Board is key to Transformation success but by no means always achieved.

In this session we will have a chance to look at the trouble with Boards and the trouble they have with Transformation, how you can help the Board and more importantly how the Board can help you. We will cover:

• What is important to a Board in transformation and how to address it
• What the Board can do to help you deliver Transformation and how it might hinder
• Some examples and approaches to make sure your Board is with you on the Transformation journey

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