Going Full Stack in Product: What, Why, How?

Join Ruby Kolesky and Chris Holdaway, co-creators of a new way of working for product folks, called Full Stack Product. Using this approach they combine nine roles from Product, Design and Customer care into one person.

From the book called Joyfully which helps product development teams create a streamlined organisational structure, form a product strategy, and deliver meaningful chunks of work.

If you are struggling to get good outcomes in a timely way, and are tired of playing pass-the-parcel between the many specialist roles across Customer, Product and Design – then Full Stack Product provides a thought provoking alternative to traditional roles.

Learn more about Full Stack Product and the Joyfully method here: https://joyoushq.com/joyfully


Ruby Kolesky – Co-CEO and Full Stack Product Person – and co-author of Joyfully. Obsessed with inventing new and better ways of doing things at work.

Chris Holdaway – Full Stack Product Person – and one of the first to ever do so. Passionate about solving puzzles, and working in a truly collaborative style.

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