Goats Explained

Goats are fun, yet peculiar creatures, and they go by many names. Some are farm doggos, others are collapse cattle, and a few are flying parkour puppies. Goats also have relatives, namely the poodle goat, prairie cloud, and the devil goat.

Goats have tums, danger toothpicks, and jump sticks. There’s also the garbage disposal (aka “smoocher”) and the milk fountain. Goat milk is good for your bones.

Goats also do lots of things, like yoga, scream, and headbutts. They also do parkour, including HARDCORE PARKOUR. Some even climb trees! Holy h*ck. When a goat’s at the top of a mountain, it’s a G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) goat.

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Photos with attribution requirements:
Yoga – @katelynnsophia – https://bit.ly/2IAMQ91
-Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/katelynnsophia/?hl=en

Horn helmets – u/bobateaisbesttea – https://bit.ly/2XF6ebg

Additional photos:
Escape Goats – Javier Kohen – https://bit.ly/2F49Ax7
-Added text, cropped photo

Devil Goat – Steven Walling –
-Added text, cropped photo

Parkour 03 – Andrew Skudder – https://bit.ly/2Kcm7D4
-Added text, cropped photo

Parkour 04 – April Pink – https://bit.ly/2FfUwwL
-Added text, cropped photo

Meme used for some goat anatomy terms:


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