Give and Take Book Summary for Lean Management

The summary of Adam Grant’s book ” Give and Take “, TED Talk, and Speech is condensed in this 3 minutes video with core messages for Lean Management.

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🔖 Here the transcript of the video.

I have recently finished reading “Give and Take” written by Adam Grant and I have seen his TED Talk and other videos on Youtube.

I think that the core messages of his work can be very useful for you in Lean Management.

So, I decided to summarize my thoughts and his work in this video that is
around 20 hours of reading and watching in 3 minutes.

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👉 Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and he spends a lot of time in workplaces.

He states that there is paranoia everywhere cause by takers

Takers – what you can do for me?
Givers – what can I do for you?

He surveyed over 30.000 people across the industry and he found the 3rd category of people with a style in the middle between giver and taker. They are the matcher.

Matcher = I will do something for you if you do something for me.

After a long study unexpectedly, the worst performers were the givers.

They were so busy helping others that they run out of time and energy for their job.

On the other hand, he declares that after 38 studies he can state that the more people are helping and share their knowledge, provide mentoring, the better organization does on the metric.

👉 So, if the givers are the worst performer, who are the best performers?

Not the takers, normally they rise quickly and fall quickly.

So, because most of the people are matcher, you can believe they are the best performer … they are not.

Looking at the data, the best performance belongs to the givers.

So, the giver’s performance ranges from the worst to the best performance.

👉 So, he gives some rules that will help organizations to lead the givers in a world where they can reach the top performance.

# 1. Protect givers from burnout.

He cites a successful entrepreneur named Adam Rifkin that uses a rule labeled “5 Minutes Favour”.

He protects his time by finding small ways to add large value.

An example is making an introduction between 2 people for a mutual benefit.

# 2. Encourage help-seeking

It is not embarrassing and it is not vulnerable to ask for help.

# 3. Get the right people on the bus.

The negative impact of a taker is double to triple the positive impact of a giver.

So, effective hiring and screening are about weeding out the takers.

👉 In conclusion, Adam Grant states that by following these 3 rules it is possible to change the definition of success.

Success is winning a competition.

Success is more about contribution.

Now, I think that a great Lean Manager has to be a giver by looking at these 3 rules to be a top performer of the organization and help the team to reach incredible results.



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