Gitflow Diagram Tutorial | Visualize Your Branching Strategy with a Gitflow Diagram

What is Gitflow, anyway? The term gitflow comes from the combination of the words “Git” and “workflow.” It’s a popular branching model that organizes work into five or more branches. Creating a diagram for your branching model will help your development teams organize work so that they work more efficiently alongside one another.

You can use gitflow diagrams to evaluate and improve an existing git branching strategy or define a new workflow.

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a gitflow diagram in Confluence, Jira, or online.

We’ll cover:
🔹 The benefits of sharing a gitflow diagram with your team
🔹 How to add branches to describe your work
🔹 Styling options for lines and connectors to make your gitflow diagram clear
🔹 Editing shapes and text to finalize your diagram
🔹 …and more!

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If you’d like a more detailed introduction on gitflow diagramming, check out our blog post here:

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