Getting Started with “yFiles for HTML” for Programmers

This older screencast is a short introduction to an *outdated* version of the Javascript diagramming library ‘yFiles for HTML’ for programmers! Please see the video for the new version here:

With the 2.0 release many things are a lot easier and nicer to work with, now. The documentation for the current 2.1 version contains a getting started tutorial that can be used instead. Many of the basic ideas are the same, of course, but the namings and syntax have improved a lot since 1.3.
Download the evaluation version of the most recent yFiles for HTML for free today and see for yourself!

The yFiles diagramming software components ( enable you to add high-quality diagramming functionality to your own software applications:
turn your data into clear diagrams with the help of unequaled automatic diagram layout, use rich visualizations for your diagram elements, and give your users an intuitive interface for smooth interaction.
yFiles is available for a wide range of platforms and technologies: from web applications to cross-platform Java(FX) to the Microsoft .NET environment.

The yFiles family of software components is made by yWorks GmbH:

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