Getting started with Remo – Virtual Events – Virtual event platform

To get the best experience from Remo you will need to be able to switch on your camera and your mic. To do this click on the camera and the mic icon at the bottom of the page. If your camera and mic come on fine then you are good to go. If not there are some troubleshooting tips we can give you after showing you how to set up your virtual business card. This helps people to find you and you to find people to network and to discuss things with in the event.

Go to the top right where there will be an icon with your first initial on it click on that and edit your profile. Add the details that you are happy to share with people in the event. Once you have set this up the first time it will be available automatically on any Remo event you attend.
To move around just double-click on any table which has available seats. To view details on the banners or the agenda on the right billboard and event video on the left billboard just double click on it.

When speakers are holding a session all attendees will be Mike’s and cameras off but you can still interact via chat, Q&A and you can be invited up to stage to interact live.

A couple of quick troubleshooting tips in terms of mic and camera issues are as follows first of all make sure that your mic and camera is allowed to connect to the browser. Do this by clicking on the lock icon beside the URL in your browser. Secondly check that the correct Mike and camera are used by Remo by clicking on the hamburger icon top left and checking your mic and camera settings.

If you are still having problems then check that your setup is compatible with Remo by using gear test the URL is and you can access it also through the gear test banner. This will tell you what elements of your setup are compatible and not compatible and help you to solve your issues.

If this is all correct then the next step is to follow the troubleshooting guidelines. There are many reasons why your mic and camera may not be allowed and the troubleshooting document will help you to resolve those issues. Do also remember to check the obvious things like a mute button on your headset, microphone and speakers. As you can see troubleshooting document is quite comprehensive.

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