Get The Most From Your People By Being Open, Honest, And Direct

We recently hosted a webcast conversation where Elliot Susel, Lean Startup Co. Faculty Member, spoke with Aaron Levy, Founder and CEO of Raise The Bar about the need for better leaders, unlocking potential, and psychological safety in today’s shifting marketplace.

In Aaron and Elliot’s conversation, they discuss:
– How leaders are made and not born, meaning good leadership is a trainable skill.
– The iteration process Aaron went through to develop a product focused on leadership development.
– Why an environment of emotional safety is so important and how to create this in your workplace.

And much, much, more…

Aaron Levy has always been intrigued by human behavior. Specifically why, when we [as humans] know better, why don’t we do better? “People don’t go from knowledge to action,” Aaron says, “and that’s always baffled me.”

This observation and led Aaron to study the science of behavior change and how it applied to the world around him. In work and in life, he constantly observed and studied people, both leaders whom he had an opportunity to work with and his friends — that is to say, millennials — who were figuring out their career paths in their respective industries. The latter group led him to notice a curious trend; no matter how much money they were making or how cool their company or office culture was, his friends were all either thinking about leaving their jobs or had left already.

After speaking with as many of these people as he could, Aaron got down to the “why?” of it all: that individuals aren’t achieving their best potential despite the fact that both they and their companies want them to excel and succeed. So even though there was an aligned vision between company and employer, there was a big gap, and it all came down to leadership.

“The core point of leverage in any organization is your manager,” Aaron says, “and unfortunately most managers suck.”

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