Gemba Walk – What Is and How to Conduct

What is Gemba Walk and how to conduct ? In this video, you will find the answers to the common questions.

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▶ The Gemba Walk became popular in 2010.

The “Gemba Walk” is a standard leadership walk at the shop floor and in the offices to observe work, processes, performance, and help solve problems.

The Gemba Walk can be done at various levels of the organization and with different frequencies.

For example:

The manager, once a month.
The plant manager, once a week.
The division manager, once a day.

The Gemba walk is important for creating leadership visible to workers.

▶ What is the “Gemba Walk”.

1) A standardized journey through a value stream.

2) Direct observation of the company.

3) Respect for workers.

4) A way to observe, teach, and learn.

5) A form of servant leadership that helps remove barriers.

▶ How to conduct a Gemba Walk?

Some organizations use the 5G method:

1) Go to the actual place.
2) Get the fact.
3) Grasp the entire situation.
4) Generate reasons.
5) Guide the corrective actions.

During a good Gemba walk, workers have an opportunity to be listened to and be proud of their work, improvements, and objectives achieved.

On the other hand, leaders at all levels learn respect, have the opportunity to coach and better understand people and processes.

▶ Some questions that can be asked during the Gemba walk.

1) Is this the right location for WIP?

2) Can you tell me something that works and one that doesn’t work?

3) Can we reduce the time for filling in documents?

4) What is the root cause of the problem?

None of these questions are answered in the meeting rooms.

The Gemba walk allows you to improve productivity proactively and not by looking at an Excel sheet at the desk.

Deming said:

Management by results – like driving a car by looking in the rear mirror.

▶ Conclusions.

The Gemba Walk is learned by doing it.

Start now with the first experiment in an area near you that is meaningful for business.



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